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A comprehensive execution of a new dishwasher tablet department


"We are satisfied with the cooperation with iPS Control®. We have been provided with a high level of service quality, so we were confident that the project would be successfully completed throughout the implementation of the project" - Technical Director



A comprehensive execution of a new dishwasher tablet department - a complete production line, from the loose and liquid material storeroom, the unloading system of raw materials and systems of their conveying and proportioning to two agitators, to the systems conveying the semi-finished products to the tablet presses and then to packing machines



  1. Development of the algorithm of ingredient proportioning to agitators
  2. A complete agitator control system with protection systems
  3. The system operation is fully automated – the system performs the production process autonomously with the adequate adjustment of transport ways, weighing of suitable production ingredients and performance of batch process
  4. A control system equipped with a formulation and production reporting system
  5. The system is connected with the iPS Control® support by means of the VPN connection which facilitates instant response in case of failure
  6. Unique process line
  7. The explosion-proof configuration according to ATEX requirements



  • Siemens SIMATIC S7-400 PLC
  • ET200S distributed outputs/inputs 
  • 13 Micromaster frequency converters controlled via Profibus network
  • 6 complete weighing systems based on HBM strain gage transducers and Siemens Siwarex CS ET200S weighing transducers
  • Digital networks: Profibus DP – an execution equipment layer (input/output units, frequency converters), Ethernet – management and operator layer
  • Three Siemens operator panels
  • One WinCC operator station