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Industrial automation is our daily life.

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#Awards and Partners

Business activity since year 1998

Experience and expertise gained during many years of the business activity allow iPS Control to provide clients with security and professionalism, quality and flexibility in close cooperation with clients.

Since 1998

Siemens Solution Partner

iPS Control® holds Siemens Solution Partner Certificate for PCS7, Simatic and HMI. Siemens Solution Partners are system integrators selected and certified by Siemens that have expertise in production and process engineering.

They provide and develop optimized and advanced solutions relying on the full range of Siemens products for industrial automation, drive technology and product life cycle management.

As a result of close cooperation, selection process and certification by Siemens, Partners:

  • have access to the full know-how of Siemens,
  • obtain adapted and optimized systems and thus they gain competitive advantage in the market,
  • are able to optimize the entire value added chain - from standard ready-made products to comprehensive solutions for the construction of entire facilities,
  • have full support from Siemens regarding its products and solutions
  • enjoy the broadest access to the knowledge bases and global experts of Siemens.

Siemens Solution Partner Certificate is the evidence of the highest respect and full confidence of Siemens.

Around the world partners of Siemens are recognized under the name of Siemens Solution Partner Automation as qualified providers of solutions relying on Siemens automation and energy distribution products, systems and services.

‘Solution Partner Automation’ marking may only be used by companies selected and certified by Siemens. This Certificate is a guarantee of the highest level of partnership. 

Siemens Solution Partner

Rockwell Automation - Recognized System Integrator

iPS Control® as the first company in Poland obtained the status of RcSI (Recognized System Integrator). Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators/Solution Providers are the best automation system integrators based on solutions provided by the Rockwell Automation.

They are Partners that showed significant experience in the implementation of automation applications and IT solutions for manufacturing companies all over the world. Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators/Solution Providers are proven, reliable and organizationally stable companies which offer a high level of experience in designing, implementing and managing projects and in control and automation system maintenance services. Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators/Solution Providers provide clients around the world with innovative solutions through the implementation of the project from the initial consulation and design, through system development and performance to system commissioning and support. The ‘Recognized System Integrator’ marking may only be used by companies selected and certified by Rockwell Automation .

This Certificate is a guarantee of the highest level of partnership.

Wonderware - Certified System Integrator

Wonderware is a trademark of the leading IT solutions for operational real-time management and systems including: HMI process visualization, GeoSCADA, mobile solutions, manufacturing management, MES, performance management, EMI
and integration with resource management systems, supply chain management systems and ERP applications. Wonderware trademark is a part of the offer of the Invensys Operations Management Department. Currently, Wonderware software operates in over 100 000 facilities around the world which means the sale of over 600 000 licences for systems used in manufacturing and infrastructure industries.

iPS Control® holds the following Wonderware certificates:

  • Wonderware Certified System Integrator - InTouch
  • Wonderware Certified System Integrator - System Platform

Wonderware puts much emphasis on high qualifications of all Wonderware software integrators that design and implement applications. The certification system is an effective method to verify whether the skills of integrators meet the requirements of users. In addition, Wonderware certificates are granted to companies that own adequate developer tools required to implement applications and also a certain number of reference letters confirming the skills of an integrator company.

Wonderware - Certified System Integrator

Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance – SI REGISTERED

The project concept e-F@ctory Alliance was created by Mitsubishi Electric and its partners. It's an idea which purpose is to create a work environment for system Integrators to succeed and grow, following the rules in force in their companies and existing principles of doing business.

Measure the e-F@ctory Alliance benefits three groups of participants in the trading chain: Suppliers, systems integrators and end users.

Each link in the sales chain must have an undisputed and clear benefits with the success at the end.

Optimal interaction of many components of automation components, delivered with System Integrators engineering knowledge, creates the basis for Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance. We are honored to be part of this project.

Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance – SI REGISTERED


iPS Control® is the official partner of ASTOR - the authorized Wonderware agent in Poland. ASTOR has been selected as a strategic partner for manufacturing management and manufacturing performance management systems (MES class systems). As a result of our efforts and the cooperation with ASTOR we became the Wonderware Certified System Integrator for InTouch Software and Wonderware System Platform that is IT platform supporting modern Wonderware MES systems.

At the same time iPS Control® is a member of prestigious MES Integrator Group - a group of 10 companies that have experience, knowledge, competence and developer tools regarding the implementation of MES systems based on Wonderware software.

The Group’s activities are aimed at:

  • professional sale and implementation of Wonderware MES software solutions,
  • building market and clients’ awareness about capabilities of the MES solutions,
  • exchange of business and technical practices and knowledge that facilitate more effective operations promoting MES solutions.


#DOTup - industrial production data visualization system

 Thanks to DOTup, you can get quick and easy access to key information from the production process. With up-to-date data knowledge, you can react faster and detect problem points and unnecessary costs.

The DOTup system is characterized by:

  • Unlimited graphic form of presented information and indicators
  • Wide range of available sizes of LED screens
  • Short installation process
  • Highly flexible application and ease of implementing changes to the system
  • Ability to communicate with various control systems and applications
  • Simplicity of adapting the system to other production lines
  • Repeatability of the solution that reduces the investment risk
  • Ability to work in difficult conditions-internal and external applications
  • Possibility of wireless connection with the data source
  • Short payback period

DOTup = software + hardware + integration


Allen Bradley is a trademark being a part of the Rockwell Automation concern. Allen-Bradley means reliability of control equipment and automation components for industrial companies. These solutions include: programmable controlers with O/I modules, operator panels, industrial computers, relays, connection systems, buttons, sensors, starters, contacts, electronic drives, servo motors, network devices and power supply devices

#Automaton Expert

This is a team of engineers dealing with the comprehensive design and implementation of innovative technological lines and specialized machinery for the industry. In their competence in technology design they include the areas of mechanics, industrial automation and robotics. They work in the following systems: prototyping - optimization - technology transfer. Importantly, they use proven project management procedures, thanks to which they lead clients safely and comprehensively through the investment process.
More information about the team: https:\\www.automaton.expert 

Automaton Expert - mechanika i automatyzacja procesów przemysłowych i robotyka


It is a small, specialized team of creative people combine expertise from several fields such as industrial design, engineering, project management. The common denominator is "plastic recycling". As part of the global Precious Plastic community, they are trying to fight the effects of plastic pollution on the environment. They design products and make them 100% recycled plastics. In Boomplastic Circular Economy actually takes place. From the very beginning our engineers help in this project. They are a big support in engineering aspects, during implementation process and with machinery maintenance. 

More information at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Boomplastic

      Boomplastic , Precious Plastic, recykling, design, plastik