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Industrial automation is our daily life.

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We boast well-established expertise in developing automation systems for new plants, production lines or manufacturing cells. We offer close cooperation to companies planning to launch an innovative production process.

Through the use of cutting-edge automation solutions, we can make a well-designed technological line quickly reach its assumed quality and performance parameters. As specialists in the automation of industrial processes, we are often a part of the project team at the very design stage of a technology. Consequently, the target solution is optimized for its operation, ergonomics, productivity, or the number of the required technical support staff. As partners of the largest manufacturers of automation components, we deliver optimized systems, flexible and tailored to the needs, while maintaining the highest technical standards.

The greatest advantage of this form of cooperation is the optimum end result, i.e. a plant or a production line 100% tailored to the needs of the user. It's invaluable.


  • State-of-the-art and optimal solutions
  • High standard
  • Adaptation to the needs and expectations
  • User friendly interface
  • Advanced and trouble-free automation
  • Investment planning in line with international standards of project management
  • Cost, resource, and time supervision

We offer a comprehensive approach to building modern automation systems:

  • Technical consulting, analyses, and concept development
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Manufacture of electrical control cabinets
  • Site equipment delivery picking
  • Development of PLC controller software applications for SCADA and MES
  • Reporting applications
  • Simulations and software testing
  • Execution of electrical installations
  • On-site commissioning, electrical and functional testing
  • Operation training and production support
  • Optimization and development of systems