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Production of varnishes, hardeners, primers and thinners, control system for storage, handling and proportioning for all loose materials. "


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  1. Full control over phases of the production process
  2. Implementation of multidimensional production recipes taken from the external system as well as from the internal generator
  3. Execution of several orders at one time with maximum use of production slots
  4. Full automation of production, multi-level weighing control system
  5. The delivery and installation of power supply and control cabinets for the production process in the part relating to the loose materials within the scope from raw material silos, BIG-BAG stations, debagging stations to final production mixers
  6. Development of a control system based on the central PLC controller, and a series of distributed I/O modules
  7. Control system for the DEC-based vacuum conveying system
  8. Performance and implementation of the system of formulation, queuing and execution of production orders, based on the production phases, with the monitoring of the quantity and availability of raw materials necessary for the execution of a given order
  9. A range of raw material weighing systems and of systems for weighed portion conveying to four mixers, integration with weighing IT processors
  10. A production reporting system with the data transfer to the master systems



  • The system is based on the Siemens Simatic S7 PLC
  • ET200 modules
  • Siemens operator panels
  • The visualization, monitoring and formulation system is based on the Wonderware System Platform
  • Remote VPN access