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Aluminum recycling plant - design and implementation of a complete power supply, control and signaling 


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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Design and implementation of a complete power supply, control and signaling of aluminum recycling plant



  1. A reliable and safe process, immediate failure reporting
  2. Monitoring of each control system component
  3. Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation design
  4. Power supply and control cabinets for the entire facility
  5. 2 redundant servers with MES and SCADA system
  6. 7 local control panels with industrial touchscreens PCs
  7. Remote access to servers, panels and PLC for maintenance purposes



  • Siemens Simatic S7 414-3 PN/DP PLC
  • 18 distributed cassettes with input/output units connected via Profinet network
  • 20 Siemens inverters via the Profibus network
  • Two physical rack Dell servers with 4 virtual machines dedicated for SCADA and MES (Wonderware System Platform)
  • 7 industrial touchscreen Siemens PCs as local control panels
  • Full measurement systems for process utilities and variables (e.g. 11 network analyzers connected via Profibus)