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Industrial automation is our daily life.

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Modern automation systems provide new, unprecedented opportunities.

Given our comprehensive knowledge of process automation, we are able to integrate many operating systems and subsystems into one coherent, functional and efficient production system.

Centrally integrated production plants function: better, more efficiently, taking full advantage of technical and technological capabilities, whereas the adequate level of diagnostics, media monitoring, acquisition of production parameters with their presentation and analytics contribute to the production process being carried out with greater control and precision of planning.

On many occasions, we have come to the conclusion that the integration of control systems, global implementation of MES for production management, and appropriate reporting and presentation of manufacturing data significantly increase the value of production lines and OEE indicators.

We offer:

  • Technical consulting, analyses, and concept development
  • Production data acquisition systems
  • Analysis, processing, and data presentation,
  • Data exchange between systems
  • MES
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Selection of technical solutions for integration of control systems
  • Automation of missing links
  • Network communications, information systems
  • Development of new control systems, improvement, modernization  
  • Implementation of new applications, functional tests
  • Optimization and development of systems

Integrated control systems increase the efficiency of all production processes.

The main advantages of the integration of industrial automation systems include:

  • More productive and more efficient manufacturing processes
  • Instant access to data
  • Communication and presentation of data
  • Control of production processes
  • Reduction of production costs