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Rice waffles production - integration of MES class system


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MES class manufacturing and performance management system with the following functions:

  1. Job status and equipment effectiveness monitoring tracing and reporting of production downtime and failures
  2. Control of key process parameters
  3. Distribution of job orders directly to the operator panel with the control of their progress
  4. Integration with ERP
  5. Manufacturing process reporting
  6. Power consumption monitoring



  • Increase in manufacturing performance exceeding 10%
  • Automatic registration and monitoring of equipment operation status
  • Improvement in information flow between business and manufacturing management systems
  • Possibility to trace and report key process parameters in order to optimize the manufacturing process
  • Faster alerting about failure or production downtime 6. Improvement in reliability of production data
  • Increase in manufacturing capacity



The application developed based on Wonderware System Platform with MES module (Wonderware Performance Software), production control and reporting stations developed using Wonderware InTouch, operator panels and Siemens PLCs