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Robotic bag palletization line

"The solutions implemented by iPS Control® made it possible for us to increase productivity, save time and money, while maintaining high quality standards" - Head of Maintenance Department



  1. Increase in packing department productivity
  2. Improvement in the quality of pallet stacking
  3. Possibility to palletize a wide range of products
  4. Quick changeover
  5. Full monitoring of performance parameters
  6. Performance and delivery of the complete mechanical equipment (conveyors, automatic pallet store, double robotic gripper, fence, etc.)
  7. Performance of robotic palletization system
  8. Delivery, assembly, and installation of main and local power supply and control cabinets
  9. Development of a control system based on the central PLC, local I/O islands
  10. Implementation of many palletization layouts for various production programs (bags 5-25kg, various layouts of bag placement on pallets)
  11. Development of MES for the monitoring of performance, availability, and presenting production indicators using a large-size DOT-up placed in the production room.



The system is based on the ZD130S Kawasaki robot, GE controller with RX3e CPU and Wonderware Intouch software for the visualization of processes taking place in the palletization line, a local operator panel, tight IP54 DOT-up for the presentation of production indicators.