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The control system of a fodder manufacturing plant

"Modern, flexible, and intuitive – this is how the complex fodder manufacturing plant control system, which was perfectly implemented by iPS Control®, can be described in brief" - CEO



A complete system for the control of a fodder manufacturing plant



  1. Delivery and installation of all electrical control cabinets for the technological process of fodder manufacture
  2. Development of a control system based on the central PLC controller, and a series of distributed I/O modules
  3. Development and the implementation of the Nutrilo system, dedicated for fodder manufacturing plants, which implements production orders, formulating, sequential control, reporting and a complete sys
  4. Operation of approx. 2000 material handling routes for specific production processes in the manufacturing plant
  5. Starting with the silo storehouse, through the technological process, to the shipment of fodder
  6. Automatic manufacture of fodder, with an ergonomic and user friendly operator interface


  • The system is based on the Siemens Simatic S7 controller
  • ET200 modules
  • Siemens operator panels
  • Dual-monitor client stations for the Nutrilo client-server system based on the Wonderware System Platform
  • Remote VPN access